My latest project

I’ve been quiet lately, busily working away on my  latest project: Rupert’s Diary, written by Marilyn Saunders, a local lady from Portsmouth.

Marilyn is an independent writer who decided, after my encouragement, to go ahead and self-publish the novel.  Not only did I carry out the structural edit and copy-editing but also the typesetting. I have two people to thank for the cover design, and proofreading: Christine Hammacott, and Sarah Freshwater.

Rupert’s Diary is an amusing tale told from the viewpoint of Rupert, a Norwegian Forest Cat – or so he believes – who lives in the city with his ugly furless human and his fluffy-but-dim cat sister, Meg.

It is not a tale for young children!

Marilyn has left me a glowing review, which can be seen here:

The book is available from Amazon and directly from Marilyn.