The services I currently offer are shown below.

Structural Editing
I always begin with a structural edit. From this, I produce a report that covers general structure, plot development, narrative techniques, and language and style, concluding with editor queries and comments. If there are major issues with the above, these will need to be rectified by the client before copy-editing can commence. Depending on how long this may take, copy-editing can be booked at a later date, but existing clients will always have priority over new ones.

Once the structural edit is complete and any revisions have been made by the client, I then carry out copy-editing. I look for problems with timing, loose ends, continuity, consistency, irrelevant detail, repetition, factual errors, anachronisms, and tense. I also focus on spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

This option is only available for typescripts that have been professionally edited and typeset (formatted), whether I have carried out that work or not. I check for last-minute errors and omissions before publication takes place.

I no longer advertise self-publishing services (to include typesetting). This is primarily down to the amount of work it involves, and the number of independent publishing companies that now operate. However, if a client has paid for my editing services and wishes to self-publish privately, I am willing to discuss options.

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