Doubts and Dilemmas by Evita O’Malley

In his wife, Mrs Elizabeth Darcy, Fitzwilliam Darcy finally found his counterpart: a woman who would challenge and excite him, a partner he could respect, and someone he could share his life with. DDBut what if there had been other women before Elizabeth? Women who had not shared Darcy’s life, but his bed. What if one had a secret that threatened to devastate all he hoped for in his new life with Elizabeth? With secrets to maintain, and secrets to uncover, will the Darcys’ love be strong enough to survive the truths that must eventually emerge, or will early doubts and dilemmas destroy all that has so far been fought for and won?

Genre: Historical Romance
Paperback: 254 pages
Publisher: Shadenet Publishing
Date published: 10 August 2015

More Hopes and Dreams by Dee Williams

1950. After her marriage went badly wrong, Dolly Taylor returned to Rotherhithe from America. She is now helping her best friend, Penny, to walk again after she contracted polio.9780993304026 Not able to have children of her own, Dolly envies Penny for having a beautiful baby daughter, Gail. With his gratuity money, Penny’s husband, Reg, has set up his own business as a builder, and offers Dolly a job in the office. At times, Dolly wonders what Reg has got mixed up in, as trouble seems to follow him. Tony, who was engaged to Dolly before the war, also works for Reg, and is still pursuing his childhood sweetheart. Dolly still finds herself attracted to Tony, but she has her reasons for rejecting him. Although Dolly lives in close-knit Wood Street, with friends and family around her, will she ever be able to put the past behind her and settle back in Rotherhithe – and will she ever find happiness there? More Hopes and Dreams is the long-awaiting sequel to Hopes and Dreams.

Genre: Family Saga/Historical Romance
Paperback: 450 pages
Publisher: Shadenet Publishing
Date published: 11 March 2016

Cover design by Samantha Groom