Hunting Pink by Keir Livesey Cheetham

Jim is coming to terms with redundancy and early retirement. He decides to write the novel he has been promising himself, and to fall in love again – with his wife. 1563x2500ebookUnfortunately, Jim finds Ali difficult to woo a second time. She is content with the way things are, and is not keen on changes being made. Suffering from the feeling of a lack of worth, Jim uses the main character in the novel he is writing – Caradoc Pink – to develop a personality that he would like to have, and strives to be more like him. As the novel progresses, so does Jim’s confidence, but it is not until he meets Jayne, an aspiring literary agent, and she and Ali form an alliance, that Jim finally becomes happy with himself. Hunting Pink tells the story of Jim’s efforts, and is interspersed with the novel he is writing so the reader can follow both the development of Jim’s life and the story of Caradoc Pink as he strives to save his own society.

Genre: Fiction
Format: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Print Length: 366 pages
Date published: 30 April 2015