The Buzzer by David Mason

For the last forty years a mysterious radio transmission known as ‘The Buzzer’ has been broadcasting continuously across the world. TBIt can be heard by anyone, but is understood by no one. Nobody knows its purpose and nobody has ever claimed responsibility for it. All Natalya ever wanted was a chance to prove herself as a journalist. After five years of empty promises at one of Moscow’s largest media stations, it is time to take matters into her own hands. Solving the mystery of the broadcast could be the breakthrough story she so desperately needs. Along with Stepan Litvin, a short-wave radio enthusiast and computer programmer, she begins to uncover the truth behind ‘the buzzer’. Together they reveal evidence that links it to dark Soviet experiments of World War Two – experiments that are thought to have been abandoned years before. Can they uncover the truth in time, or are they interfering with forces beyond their control?

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: The Book Guild Limited
Print Length: 202 pages
Date published: 25 September 2017

Nothing’s Forever by Stuart Michaels

Nick Thompson is a private detective living and working in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Self taught, he’s had to learn the hard way. Eighteen years in the business has produced a strong character. NFDriven by success and money has also made him unpopular with his peers. He’s good and only hires the best to work alongside him in a rapidly growing business. Nick Thompson recognised the need to expand and engaged in a tough, rapid solution. A confirmed bachelor, his private life has changed more recently, but a meeting with a stranger at a local football match has Nick thinking seriously about his future.

Genre: Crime Fiction
Paperback: 134 pages
Publisher: Independently published
Date published: 31 May 2017

The Marriage Certificate by Stephen Molyneux

What prompts amateur family historian Peter Sefton to buy the marriage certificate he sees on display in an antiques arcade? Is it because he thinks it should be private and he wants to remove it from public view? Click for Stephen Molyneux's websiteIs it the prospect of researching the individuals named upon it? Or is it something else, happenstance perhaps, which leads him towards a potentially lucrative discovery and a long forgotten family secret? When John and Louisa marry in January 1900, who could foretell how their lives and those of ambitious Rose, the bridesmaid, and confident Frank, the best man, would be changed that day? Follow their story, through Peter’s research and find out how, with investigative skill and a certain amount of luck, Peter finds himself pulled along to uncover a series of sad and tragic events … events, which connect the marriage certificate to a modern day mystery. But … there’s a complication. In his quest to complete the family tree he learns that he has competition. It’s not just a matter of pride; there’s money at stake too. Should he the amateur give up, or can he really beat the professionals at their own game?

Genre: Genealogical Mystery
Paperback: 300 pages
Publisher: Sites To Suit Limited
Date published: 24 June 2013

Cover design by Samantha Groom