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Coke, Coffee, and Chardonnay by A J Syme

On the momentous day Alice Drummond found out that Keith Richards admitted snorting his dead father’s ashes, she realises addiction is a bad thing. CCCShe is sick of the caffeine headaches, hangover thirsts, and tired of being out of control – she wants control back. She begins a thirty-one day abstinence from her Coke, coffee, and Chardonnay diet. The only thing is; it’s not as easy as she thinks. Living in the South of Spain, as a lady of banal leisure, is not amenable to a life of abstinence. What else is there to do on the coast, but fill an empty life with caffeine and an empty glass with Chardonnay?

Alice drags herself kicking and screaming through the grisly stages of self-rehabilitation; a real roller coaster of denial, acknowledgement, relapse, maintenance, denial, acknowledgement, relapse … She would like to end on a high note to give hope to those who are beginning their quest for abstinence; however, success is never guaranteed.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Format: Kindle edition
Print Length: 246 pages
Date published: 7 November 2015

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