At the time of your enquiry, it is likely that I shall be working on an existing project. As a general rule, I only work on one project at a time. (This does not apply to short stories; I can usually fit these in at a week’s notice.) The stage of editing I am at will depend on when I can take on a new project. Usually, after a structural edit, a client will need to work on their typescript before getting back to me for copy-editing. This may give me some free time to carry out a structural edit for another client, but is not always the case.

You may find this Bookings Table useful. Please do not let provisional bookings stop you from contacting me, as these may change.

With regards to timescales, I try to accommodate client wishes, as long as they are reasonable. In traditional publishing, it can take up to nine months to produce a book for publication. Within that time, six weeks are spent copy-editing, and four weeks for proofreading. This does not include the time required for structural editing that, with the back and forth between editor and client, could go on forever!

I accept submissions from UK residents who meet the following criteria:

  • Their typescript is complete and has a basic structure of chapters or parts
  • Word count is no greater than 100,000
  • UK English is their first language
  • The work has not previously been self-published with no editing.

All fictional work is considered, and all fiction enquiries responded to.

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